In a new stage of  Revista de Economía Laboral, the journal publishes annually a special issue. After the second special issue focused on the analysis of the collective bargaining system and the third special issue about labour market and women, the new thematic chosen by AEET and Editorial Committee for 2018 has been the study of the "Evolution of labour markets in Latin America after the global economic crisis".

The monograph is already in development having been selected several articles for its composition. The deadline for the submission of complete manuscripts will be 29th of June 2018. Immediately afterwards, the evaluation process of articles, short notes and book reviews will be initiated, so that the special issue should be ended at the end of December 2018 to be available in the web site of the REL in January 2019.

The maximum length (at 1.5 lines spacing) will be 30 pages for the articles and 5 pages for the short notes and the book reviews.

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The Editorial Board

The Editorial Advisers of special issue, Jesuswaldo Martínez Soria (Mexico), Julimar Da Silva (Brazil) and John Fredy Ariza (Colombia).