The effects of working conditions on health status: Simultaneous decisions on health and job satisfaction domains

  • Toni Mora Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Palabras clave: Health status, job satisfaction, socioeconomic factors


The present paper seeks to examine the impact of working conditions on self-assessed health besides that expected to affect job satisfaction. We undertake this analysis assuming simultaneous decisions on reporting both satisfaction domains. For this purpose, we estimate simultaneously two probit procedures (those reporting a bad self-assessed health and being dissatisfied). Our results show that indicators for working conditions besides affecting job satisfaction do not condition self-assessed health status. Notwithstanding, our most relevant finding constitutes that job satisfaction would be conditioning self-assessed health. As a consequence, we can assure that job satisfaction presents association with health status. Hence, working conditions would have an indirect effect through job satisfaction on self-assessed health status. Furthermore, results should distinguish differential feelings by gender, especially when examining job satisfaction domain.