A Competing Risks Analysis of Strike Duration in Spain: Agreement and Non-Agreement Outcomes

  • Silviano Esteve Pérez Universidad de Valencia y LINEEX
  • Mariluz Marco Aledo Universidad de Valencia
  • María Engracia Rochina Barrachina Universidad de Valencia
Palabras clave: Strike duration, strike outcome, competing risks hazard models


This paper analyses the determinants of strike duration in Spain taking into account different outcomes (agreement and non-agreement). We find that duration decreases with the number of strikers or several applicable agreements to strike units. It rises with minimum services, the degree of strike support and in private firms. With respect to the real GDP growth rate, duration is pro-cyclical in strikes ending in agreement and counter-cyclical in those ending without agreement. Uncompensated and unexpected inflation decreases duration for agreement strikes and increases it for non-agreement ones. The 1997 labour reform, with a wide social consensus, raises the chances of the agreement outcome.